Friday April 28 , 2017
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Industry News from BIFA

  • Road Transport industry launches Cargo and Road Transport (CART) Security Guide

    The guide was formally launched at the recent DIPS Conference held at Hampden Park, Glasgow on 18th April.

    The ‘CART’ Security Guide aims to raise awareness and offer guidance in a bid to fill the ever-widening void.

    In order to ensure comprehensive representation across the board a dedicated working group was formed. Members  included; DIPS (Distribution Industry Partnership Scotland), the RHA (Road Haulage Association), DHL, RSA (Royal Sun Alliance) Insurance Group, Motorway Buddy, Maple Fleet Services and NaVCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service) each member of the group provided insight and professional opinion drawn from their vast experience within their respective market sector.

    The resource includes sixteen chapters discussing cargo crime and the specific associated threats that operators face on a daily basis. Topics include Cargo Theft and Security Solutions, Hijacking, The Romanian MO and the Migrant Threat plus many more.

    Products are FREE but limited in numbers, if a BIFA Member is interested in obtaining a copy of the Guide please contact: There may be a fee for postage and packaging. 

  • Yang Ming share trading halted as carrier moves to reduce equity capital

    The suspension is due to last until 4 May, as it decreases its share count from three billion to 1.4bn, a decline of 53%.

    In a brief statement to the stock exchange, the company said the action was “making up losses”.

    There won’t be any reduction in the company’s overall market capital, however, with the 1.4bn shares trading at NT$13.15 (US$0.4) compared with the current price of NT$6.15.

    Since the turn of the year, Yang Ming has sought to reassure investors and customers it was heading towards financial security, with the Taiwanese government set to inject US$1.9bn and another US$54m to be raised in a rights issue with six Taiwanese investors.

    This was accompanied by drastic salary cuts at the top level, with senior executive salaries reduced by 50% and line managers by 30%.

    However, as The Loadstar has previously reported, these measures may not be enough to return Yang Ming to profit this year. Such is the depth of its debt and the strain its gearing – which reached 457% at the end of last year, according to Drewry Financial Research Services (DRFS) – puts on its balance sheet.

    DFRS noted: “We reiterate our view that, despite the current capital reduction and the government’s bailout package, which is targeted towards rescuing the entire local industry and not just Yang Ming, the measures undertaken may seem insufficient unless Yang Ming raises more equity.”

    And it added: “Despite a better outlook for freight rates in 2017, we believe high cost structure coupled with debt burden will keep Yang Ming in the red in 2017.

    “Profitability can only be restored by a meaningful restructuring, driven by asset sales, debt restructuring and a large fresh capital infusion.”

    DFRS valued the share price at NT$3.50.

    Source: The Loadstar

  • The Eurotunnel Group: Further increase in revenues during the first quarter of 2017

    ►  Channel Tunnel Fixed Link

    Shuttle revenues stable at €130.8 million Railway Network revenues increased by 4% to €68.9 million

    ► Europorte: revenues stable at €28.9 million

    Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Eurotunnel SE, stated: "In the first quarter of 2017, the Eurotunnel Group has once again shown proof of its ability to generate growth. We reconfirm our confidence in our ability to reach our strategic plan for 2020.”

    ► First quarter of 2017: key events

    ►  Channel Tunnel Fixed Link

      • The month of March was an all-time record for Le Shuttle Freight with more than 150,000 vehicles transported, an increase of +5% compared to March 2016, the previous record month.
      • On 17 March 2017, Eurotunnel carried its 25 millionth truck since services started in 1994.
      • Passenger traffic suffered from an unfavourable calendar effect which this year saw the Easter weekend, a strong driver for tourist traffic, fall in the month of April whilst in 2016 it fell in March.
      • With a market share for cars[2] of 62.4% in the Short Straits market in the first quarter of 2017, Le Shuttle recorded its best results since opening in 1994.

    ►  Europorte

      • Unanimous agreement on new working time arrangements with all the Unions. New traffic start-ups.

    ►  ElecLink

      • The ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the new electrical interconnector between the UK and France was attended by UK Minister for Industry and Energy, Jesse Norman.


    € million


    1st   quarter 2017


    1st quarter 2016





    1st   quarter 2016


    Shuttle Services





    Railway Network





    Other revenues





    Sub-total Fixed Link















    * Exchange rate for the first quarter of 2017: £1=€1.168
    ** Recalculated at the exchange rate of the first quarter of 2017 and restated for IFRS 5 following the sale of GB Railfreight in November 2016.
    *** Exchange rate for the first quarter of 2016 (£1=€1.263) and restated for IFRS 5.

    A. Channel Tunnel Fixed Link

    At €202.9 million, revenues for the Fixed Link recorded an increase of 1% in the first quarter of 2017. Taking into account Europorte, the consolidated revenue for the Eurotunnel Group reached €231.8 million, an increase of 1% at a constant exchange rate.

    Revenues for Shuttle Services were stable at €130.8 million compared to the same period in 2016 due to an increase in truck yield.

    Revenues from the Railway Network grew by 4%, a sign of a return to normality for the Eurostar leisure segment, a trend which should continue in the month of April, with the record levels of reservations recorded by Eurostar for the Easter weekend.

    B. Rail freight operators: Europorte and its subsidiaries

    In France, Europorte saw a slight reduction in its revenues linked to the crisis in the cereals sector which had a significant effect on traction and transport commissioning in the sector.




    Q1 2017

    Q1 2016


    Truck Shuttles              





    Passenger Shuttles









    High-speed passenger trains² (Eurostar) 





    Rail Freight trains 3









    1. Including motorcycles, vehicles with trailers, caravans and motor homes.
    2. 2 Only Eurostar passengers travelling through the Channel Tunnel are included in this table, thus excluding journeys between Paris-Calais and Brussels-Lille.
    3. Rail freight services by train operators (DB Cargo on behalf of BRB, the SNCF and its subsidiaries, BG Railfreight and Europorte) using the Tunnel.

    A. Eurotunnel Shuttles

    • Truck Shuttles: despite the unusually severe winter in the south of Europe, which penalised fresh fruit and vegetable exports, truck traffic remained stable over the first quarter of 2017. In a highly competitive context, with the return to normal operations for the port of Calais, Eurotunnel confirmed its place as leader in the market with a 38.9% market share in March and continues its established progress.
    • Passenger Shuttles: car traffic, which was down by 7% to 466,562 vehicles carried, was penalised by the strongly unfavourable calendar effect with the Easter weekend, which generates high levels of tourist traffic, falling in April this year whilst in 2016 it fell in March. Le Shuttle car market share grew to 62.4% in the first quarter of 2017, following a record in February of over 64%.

    B. Railway Network

    • High-speed trains: Eurostar recorded 2.27 million passengers, an increase of 2%, a positive sign of a return of traffic which is expected to continue during the second quarter, especially given the record level of reservations for travel over the Easter weekend.
    • Cross-Channel rail freight continued the trend observed towards the end of 2016 and recorded strong growth in the first quarter of 2017 of +23% compared to the previous year, proof that the efforts made by Eurotunnel and other parties to generate growth in the sector are bearing fruit.


  • Satisfaction survey in container transport

    The service provided by container shipping lines is rated as poor to average and has deteriorated in the past year, according to a survey of exporters, importers and freight forwarders conducted jointly by Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC).

    The ESC and Drewry contacted several hundred shippers and forwarders from all over the world in March 2017 and asked them how satisfied they were with 16 price and non-price related attributes of the services provided by ocean carriers. The survey also looked into areas most in need of improvement and how quality varies by type of carrier.

    On a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied), customers on average did not rate carriers higher than 3.3 for any of the 16 service attributes, the survey showed (see chart).

    The three areas of service or price in which shippers and forwarders were the most dissatisfied with were “carrier financial stability”, “quality of customer service” and “reliability of booking/cargo shipped as booked”. At the other end of the spectrum, the three areas where they were the most satisfied were “price of service”, “accurate documentation” and “quality of equipment (containers)”.

    "We see that shippers want to be treated not only as customers, but also as partners, when discussing their container transport requirements. In times when supply chains are becoming more and more complex, partnership is of key importance and unfortunately it is missing," said Fabien Becquelin, Maritime Policy Manager at ESC. “Comparing transport modes, the air freight industry is suffering from similar problems to the container shipping industry, but it came to the conclusion that partnership is the only way out and is reaching out to the shippers,” Becquelin added.

    “Shippers and forwarders clearly see the necessity for the carrier industry to invest in IT and to balance the needs for cost competitiveness and for more predictability and reliability,” said Philip Damas, head of the logistics practice of Drewry.

    The ESC and Drewry plan to run the shipper and forwarder satisfaction survey regularly and invite interested shippers and forwarders to contact them, should they wish to be included in next year’s survey, provide their views and be kept informed of our carrier performance assessments.

    Source: Drewry