Thursday September 03 , 2015
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Industry News from BIFA

  • UK freight association sets date for conference to discuss 
two major issues set to impact international trade.

    On November 26th, the British International Freight Association (BIFA) will bring together its members, HMRC and other appropriate stakeholders to discuss the impending changes in customs legislation emerging from the introduction of the Union Customs Code in May 2016, together with an assessment of the current situation concerning the EU’s Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme.

    A second session on the same day will address the issues surrounding new IMO regulations requiring verification of a container’s gross mass, which will become mandatory from July 1st, 2016.

    BIFA members, other organisations and national authorities are now making preparations for this significant change to global container operations.

    Robert Keen, BIFA Director General said: “Many of our members have expressed their uncertainty on how to properly implement the new procedures and regulations, and how changes to European Customs procedures and container weight verification, may affect their business activities.

    “BIFA is already delivering regional briefings on the expected outcomes of the UCC, but in November our members, and others in the international supply chain will have the opportunity to hear from HMRC and BIFA on the changes planned and be brought up-to-date on the new procedures that become law in May and July next year.

    "With participation and discussions from freight forwarders, shippers, regulators,  insurance and legal specialists, this should be a truly cross-party occasion, which is only right  as these are major legislative developments that will affect many players in international trade."

    The BIFA conference will take place on November 26, 2015 at 1 Great George Street, London between 09:30 and 15:30.

    Further information can be found here: BIFA National Seminar

  • Chinese government strengthens regulations - Update

    We have decided only to publish verified information however we can confirm the requirement for all labels to be printed in Chinese is not substantiated.

  • Liner reliability slips for first time in 6 months

    The latest overall monthly performance was the result of lower reliability scores in the Asia-Europe and Transpacific trades, although service punctuality for the far smaller Transatlantic route was raised to a new data series high.

    The Asia-Europe trade slipped by 4.1 points but that was still enough to be the second best in our data series at 78.2%. Services in the Transpacific fell further back by 6.1 points to 62.5%, while the Transatlantic experienced a rise of 5.6 points to a new on-time performance record of 79.6%.

    Despite the set-back in July, reliability remains well above the level it was at the same point in 2014 when the East-West trades’ on-time average ratio was only 59.0%.

    Drewry East-West ship reliability
    Drewry 21Aug
    Source: Drewry Carrier Performance Insight (

    For the first time, we are able to report that a different carrier other than Maersk Line topped the monthly rankings as MOL had the best on-time performance in July of 80.1%. MOL’s reliability ratio was actually slightly lower than for June but it was sufficient to push Maersk down into second place as the Danish carrier fell back by 5.0 percentage points to 79.8%.

    There was more evidence of bunching between carriers as all bar the worst four carriers were within about 12 points of the leaders. The least reliable carriers in July were Wan Hai (57.0%) and PIL (56.6%).

    Drewry expects to see an improvement in reliability in the Asia-Europe trade in the near future as a consequence of the expanded Suez Canal, which is expected to reduce convoy transits down from 18 to 11 hours, while waiting times will be no more than three hours instead of 8-11 hours as they are at present.

    “Suez being turned into a two-lane maritime highway, from what could have been described as a congested single country lane, will not only improve capacity, but will also speed transit times and reduce delays. This can only be good for operational efficiency,” said Simon Heaney, senior manager of supply chain research at Drewry.